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ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews' Stalker Sentenced to 2.5 Years

Andrews wants $335,000 in restitution from the man



    Erin Andrews: "I've Cried Enough ... I'm Angry"

    ESPN reporter Erin Andrews talks about how the peeping incident has changed her and how she's moving forward with her life. (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    The Illinois man convicted of stalking ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and shooting nude videos of her through a hotel room peephole has been given a 2.5 year prison sentence.

    Michael Barrett, the 48-year-old insurance executive from Westmont, Ill., pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and agreed to a 27-month prison sentence in December.

    But Andrews called him a sexual predator and angrily argued in court for him to be sentenced for as long as the law allows. 

    "You violated me and you violated all women," Andrews told Barrett. "You are a sexual predator, a sexual deviant and they should lock you up."

    The judge ultimately sentenced Barrett to 30 months behind bars plus three years supervised probation following his release.

    Andrews' attorney has said she didn't agree to the sentence outlined in the plea bargain, and a sentencing memo filed last month noted that she wants Barrett to pay her about $335,000 in restitution.

    Andrews works as a sideline reporter for ESPN's game telecasts and will also appear on the new season of ABC-TV's "Dancing with the Stars."

    She was most recently seen on the sidelines broadcasting late-game play in the conference championships of men's college basketball.