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Baby Addax Antelope Born at Brookfield Zoo

Several addax antelope calf births are expected this summer



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    Jim Schulz/Chicago Zoological Society
    Addax calf with mom, Sara, on the baby's June 7 birthday.

    Visitors of Brookfield Zoo were able to witness the first moments of an endangered species' life.  

    The 19-pound male addax antelope calf was born on exhibit on June 7 to his parents, 4-year-old Sara and 11-year-old Winston. The antelopes were bred based on a recommendation given to the zoo by a North American conservation program called the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Addax Species Survival Plan to insure a healthy survival.

    The calf’s birth is significant because of the rarity of the animals in the wild. Addax Antelopes are native to Niger, Africa, and over the years have bordered extinction in the Sahara Deserts.

    Brookfield Zoo began exhibiting addax antelope in 1935 in an effort to help the species population in North America. There are 200 addax antelopes living in North American zoos and about 300 living in the wild.

    Other females expected to give birth this summer are 13-year-old Martha, 5-year-old Mali and 15-year-old Mona.

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