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CPS Honchos Mull 8-Hour School Day

"Extended School Day Initiative" extends day by two hours



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    For a kid, the best part of a school day is the end. But that last bell may start ringing later than usual if the school system gets its way.  

    Chicago Public School Officials are pushing for the “Extended School Day Initiative” at up to 100 underperforming public schools. The program would lengthen elementary school days by two hours, the Sun-Times reports.

    The program consists of an afterschool math and reading courses, where kids would use computer software to reinforce lessons from the day for the extra two hours. Logistically, half of the students would arrive to school two hours early, half would stay two hours late.

    Because of budget cuts, proctors, not certified teachers, would monitor the computerized programs.

    Although the “innovative” software could improve education in CPS, parents, kids and school officials already have many concerns, including student safety, transportation, and, at the very least, the fact that 6- to 14-year-olds would be going to school eight hours a day, similar to many working adults.  

    Officials need to work out issues like funding and implementation. But if all goes well the program could be in place as early as September.

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