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Roger Ebert Loses his (Computer) Voice

Writer's laptop is lost in France



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    Years ago, Roger Ebert lost his voice to thyroid cancer. This past weekend, he lost it again, in a taxicab.  

    The venerable movie critic and Chicago legend lost his Macbook computer over the weekend while in Cannes, France for the annual film festival. The Macbook contained the program that allowed Ebert to verbalize his thoughts.  

    His Twitter page first contained news of the incident early Sunday morning:

    “Reward: Left my Macbook Pro laptop in a taxi, plus speaker for computer voice. Hotel Splendid, Cannes.”

    An unidentified agent left notes around the city, beseeching Cannes residents and Hotel Splendid guests to join in the search for the missing computer, according to reports.

    Hours later, on Sunday night, Ebert tweeted once more about the mystery’s development:

    “Laptop still unfound. Disaster. Using a borrowed Macbook. My work will suffer. But I will prevail. Zivio!”

    His voice still destroyed from cancer surgeries, Ebert depends on his film reviews and other writings to express himself. His laptop is essential to his work on both his criticism and the tell-all memoir he has planned.

    Ebert hasn't replied to our emails, but we're pretty sure why. All the best, Roger.

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