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Eat A Paczek, Walk 4 Miles

That's what you need to burn off the 400 calories in each doughnut-like delight



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    Did you enjoy two or three paczki for Fat Tuesday? Time to lace up your walking shoes.

    For every fruit- or cream-stuffed Polish delight, a four-mile walk is needed to burn off the deep-fried pastry's 400 calories.

    If you prefer to run, a health expert told the Detroit Free Press a 3.1-mile jog will do just as well.

    Each sugar-topped pastry's 25 grams of fat is half the recommended intake for an entire day, registered dietician Bethany Thayer said. That's no problem on one day out of the year, but eating that much on a regular basis could lead to problems, Thayer said.

    It's good enough for Chicago, where Paczki Day meant dozens of bakeries across the city firing up their ovens in preparation for long lines.

    The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages of Poland when making the pastry was a way for Catholics to use up all their sugar, lard, eggs and fruit before Ash Wednesday.