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Dugan Goes Kosher for the Food

Dugan switches his religious affiliation to get a better diet



    Dugan Goes Kosher for the Food
    Brian Dugan recently changed his religious affiliation only to get better food in jail.

    Dear Lord, prison food stinks.

    In order to escape the regular slop that's served in prison mess halls Brian Dugan, the convicted child killer who is up for the death penalty, became a Jew to get better food. 

    Oy vey.

    Dugan, who may want to consider appealing to a higher power for reasons that trump his dietary concerns, changed his official religious affiliation from agnostic to Orthodox Judaism back in 2008 in order to get a shot at kosher eats, the Sun-Times reports.

    Dugan, whose jailhouse-nickname is “cheeseburger,” wrote a letter to a friend last year saying he “heard the kosher diet was better, so I switched my affiliation. Now I’m the only agnostic Jew in the [DuPage County] jail.”

    That letter was read to jurors in DuPage County trying to decide whether Dugan should be given the death penalty for the murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico.

    But, Dugan complains about more than just the prison food.

    Jail officers told jurors about the numerous grievances Dugan has filed with prison officials. The kid-killer apparently dislikes the quality of  in a copier for inmates to is opposed to the medication a nurse administered him for his hayfever.

    He also complained about a lack of protien in his diet. Dugan, who is vegetarian, said in his latest complaint that he needs a"protein substitute.”