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Drunken Thief Tries to Stiff Cabbie ...

Leaves Wallet in Cab



    Drunken Thief Tries to Stiff Cabbie ...
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    Careful who you hail.

    A drunken man allegedly tried to pull a fast one and stiff an Iowa cabbie out of a $19 fare – but the cheapskate left his wallet behind after he left.

    Iowa police arrested 39-year-old Kenneth Lindsay of Loves Park, Illinois in a Cedar Rapids motel after they tracked him down using the identification found in the wallet he left behind, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    Lindsay was charged with theft and public intoxication. But then he got rowdy and tried to kick out a window of the squad car taking him to the county jail. So an Iowa Police Sergeant says, they added  “a charge of interference with official acts.”

    He was released on bond Thursday.