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Drew's Attorney: Mum's the Word on Stacy Peterson

Lawyer hopes to keep Stacy's name and Drew's media antics out of trial



    Drew's Attorney: Mum's the Word on Stacy Peterson
    Drew Delayed |
    A judge granted a delay for the trial of accused murderer Drew Peterson. The trial was slated to begin June 14, but will not commence until July 9.

    At Drew Peterson's pre-trial hearing this morning, attorney Joel Brodsky motioned to prohibit any mention of fourth wife Stacy during the accused's trial for the murder of third wife Kathleen Savio, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Brodsky would also like to keep Peterson's television appearances (before his arrest) out of the trial proceedings.

    That seems like a tall order, given the attention-seeking media sensationalist that Peterson is.

    Since Stacy's disappearance in October 2007, Drew has been seemingly grabbing headlines on purpose whenever he can. In April 2008, he appeared on Larry King Live with his lawyer. He was interviewed by NBC's Matt Lauer in October 2008, when Drew commanded Stacy to show herself and "put an end to this nightmare." And in February 2009, Drew and his new fiancé Christina Raines talked to NBC's Amy Robach about their newfound happiness.

    And even though Peterson was arrested and jailed in May 2009, he hasn't let that stop him from getting the attention he apparently craves. After a judge reprimanded him for his appearance on radio station WLS, he created a Twitter account to connect with the outside world.

    Drew is the primary suspect in Stacy's disappearance, but he has denied any involvement, and no charges have been brought against him in that case.

    Two weeks ago, authorities began searching for Stacy's body at the Peoria Hunting Grounds after an inmate told police that Peterson had revealed details on how he killed Stacy and buried her body.

    Unfortunately, police found nothing and suspended their search.

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