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Half the New Ford Jobs Already Spoken For

Furloughed Ford workers get first pick at jobs



    Half the New Ford Jobs Already Spoken For
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    Unemployed auto workers who were thrilled to hear about Ford adding 1,200 new jobs to Chicag this year, may want to hold off on celebrating. At least half of the jobs are reserved for Ford workers who were furloughed elsewhere.

    “There could be some entry-level hiring,” Marcey Evans, a Ford spokeswoman, told the Sun-Times, but its not clear on how many of the jobs will benefit Chicagoan.Ford is still in the process of planning and won’t know specifics until the summer.

    There were audible cheers at the Torrance Ave plant Tuesday when Ford Motor Company executives announced they would create 1,200 new jobs by moving production of the Explore there. But they failed to mention half of the jobs really won’t be available.

    Out of the 1,200 openings, 600 are being reserved for furloughed Ford workers around the country. Furthermore, new hires will be making about half the pay of current union workers --- $14 an hour.

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