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Dog Finds Remains At Hammond Demolition Site

Dog found what is suspected to be a finger and skull



    Dog Finds Remains At Hammond Demolition Site
    Getty Images / Scott Olson

    A dog made a gruesome discovery Wednesday at a demolition site in Hammond, Ind.

    The Rottweiler's owner, local business owner Kim Mikulski, told the Northwest Indiana Times the dog brought back what she believes is a finger with a ring on it after she let him outside their apartment in the 1700 block of Indianapolis Boulevard.

    After seeing what the dog had, she called her boyfriend, Mike Bender, to come home right away.

    When Bender arrived, he took the dog back outside. The dog led him to the demolition area that used to be Great Lakes Bait and Tackle, and started digging at a piece of plastic. Bender says he pulled up the plastic and found a skull.

    The couple called police, who then called the Lake County coroner's office.

    A forensic anthropologist and professor at the University of Indianapolis plans to inspect the site Thursday afternoon.