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Do Over

Art Turner is just one of the former candidates angling for a new shot



    Do Over
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    The people spoke. But that didn't matter.

    If at first you don't succeed, participate in a farcical do over.

    Several former Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor are among the more than 220 applicants for the post. They want to replace Scott Lee Cohen, the pawnbroker who won the nomination but dropped out of the race amid revelations about past domestic abuse allegations..

    The state Democratic party opened the spot to the public when it called for people to submit applications to become the next governor lite. Quite a few ridiculous applicants emerged but there were some serious contenders, too.

    Including some who ran before. State Reps. Arthur Turner and Mike Boland and state Sen. Terry Link have submitted their applications to the Democratic Party of Illinois.

    Thomas Castillo had also applied but said Friday that he was withdrawing his name from consideration.

    State Sen. Rickey Hendon says he hasn't applied and has declined to comment about his plans.

    The Democratic state central committee will vote for a nominee on March 27.