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Did Jay Cutler Flip the Bird?

Was it the middle finger?



    Did Jay Cutler Flip the Bird?
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    What was Cutler trying to say?

    For one glorious night in Chicago, Jay Cutler was actually hailed as a good quarterback.

    A four-touchdown game will do that.

    But the glory was short lived. Now the Internets are abuzz with a possible Cutler affront to the fans.

    Pro Football Talk published a grainy screen shot of the Bears quarterback making some sort of hand gesture toward his own end zone just after the team took a knee to send the game against the Vikings into overtime.

    Because the crowd was booing the decision to down it and wait for OT, the speculation is that Cutler was flipping the crowd off.

    The image is so distorted, however, that Cutler could have been making the international sign for pancakes for all we know.

    Cooler heads suggest that Cutler was merely signaling to coaches that there was enough time left on the clock to take a shot at the end zone. What do you think it was? Use the comments section below to posit your ideas.