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Desiree Wields Clipboard at Hanukkah Party

Social secretary wields clipboard, oversees two checkpoints, lox



    Desiree Wields Clipboard at Hanukkah Party
    White House

    Party goers say last night's White House Hannakuh fete was a smashing success. 

    And guess who did the Walmart Door Greeter duty?  Social Secretary Desiree Rogers was front and center -- clipboard in hand -- welcoming guests who went thru two checkpoints. 

    Rogers received intense media scrutiny recently over her role in the Crashergate scandal, with President Obama saying "it was a screw up" and that he was "unhappy with everyone involved."

    According to sources, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was a no show -- perhaps too busy working the health care vote -- although reports from a pair of unconfirmed attendees said Emanuel was present.

    President and Mrs Obama worked the rope line as well.  

    The White House's Hanukkah party caused a small media kerfuffle this past week when it was revealed the guest list was smaller than that of George W. Bush, who began the holiday tradition.

    But David Axelrod shared Chicago stories with the guests, who number about 500 -- not 550! Oy vey! 

    Served at the party: baby lamb chops, smoked salmon, jelly filled donuts and potato latkes -- where were "not as good as Manny's," according to state Sen. Jeff Schoenberg.

    More on today's Deep Dish at 430 p.m. on WMAQ 5 about how the guests rated the kosher spread.