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D. Rose Talks Focus In Third "Return" Video

Derrick Rose and adidas release the third installment of 'The Return' video series



    D. Rose Talks Focus In Third "Return" Video
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    In the third episode of "The Return," Derrick Rose talks about the importance of keeping his focus.

    The latest installment of "The Return," the video series chronicling Derrick Rose's knee rehab and his eventual return to the basketball court, was released Wednesday after the first two parts, titled "Hope" and "Belief."

    Adidas calls the latest one "focus," and in the video, Derrick talks about how long he's been playing basketball and his love for the game. He also talks about how his injury has allowed him to appreciate the people around him even more, the pain of missing the Olympics and the virtues of hard work.

    The episode draws its title from this quote:

    "My biggest fight right now, I would have to say, is just staying focused," Rose says. "Being patient because I'm impatient. If you think about it, I never stop. This is the only time in my life where I actually stopped playing basketball. Even in high school I was always going."

    Fred Tedeschi, head athletic trainer for the Chicago Bulls, takes the theme further and says Rose's "excellent progress" has been driven by focus.

    "You know, it's not so much necessarily his body chemistry that's driving what's going on," Tedeschi said. "I think it's his mind and his, his, passion to get better."