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Derrick Rose Voices Frustration Over CPS Strike

The Bulls point guard calls the situation, "sad."



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    Derrick Rose again took to Twitter to voice his opinions on the CPS teacher's strike.

    On the first day of the well-publicized contract dispute between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teacher's Union, Derrick Rose took to his Twitter account and remarked that he hoped a deal gets done soon.

    As the strike moved into its second day Tuesday and local media outlets began televising the thousands of teachers clad in red shirts marching through the city's downtown streets, the images clearly affected Rose. He once again voiced his opinion on the matter via Twitter, only this time it was more than a few words.

    "I'm sitting here thinking how sad it is that my city got to go through this. I love my city and everyone in it even my haters," Rose said in his initial tweet, but there was more to come.

    "I don't like the fact that OUR kids are not in school and that's the only thing we have to SAVE these kids," an obvious reference to the amount of violence this city has seen over the summer months.

    "I pray for US for real. I know I shouldn't be saying this because I hoop and it's not my lane but I feel like ppl should hear this," said Rose before closing with, "Chi town till I die!"

    As the strike enters Day 3 and the teacher's union and school system prepare to return to the negotiation table, it's unclear how long this impasse will last. What is clear is that Derrick Rose shares in the frustration that many in this city feel as a result of the strike and, like everyone else, he'd like to see it end soon.