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Dentist Disputes Gacy Victim Misidentification

Attorneys say DNA testing proves remains were not 14-year-old Michael Marino



    Dentist Disputes Gacy Victim Misidentification
    Was Michael Marino a John Wayne Gacy victim?

    A week after an announcement that a 14-year-old boy believed to be a John Wayne Gacy victim was misidentified, a forensic dentist who made the initial identification is disputing the DNA results.

    Attorneys Steven Becker and Robert Stephenson revealed last week that DNA testing showed that remains originally believed to be Michael Marino were not him.

    But Edward J. Pavlik, who initially identified body #14 from the Gacy crawl space, says he enlisted other opinions and that at least nine independent forensic experts have reaffirmed his findings.

    In a news release issued Thursday night, Pavlik says body #14 and the dental records of Marino are identical.

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    "Even the average lay person can compare dental fillings on x-rays and determine that the dental fillings are identical," Pavlik says in the release.

    The DNA testing showed that a sample taken from the exhumed remains and the victim's mother did not match.

    But Pavlik says that "scientific thinking" shows that there are possible scenarios to explain why "properly extracted, perfectly analyzed DNA comparisons may not yield a match between the DNA of Mrs. Marino and the exhumed body buried in the Marino grave."

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    Body #14 was found in Gacy's crawlspace next to body #15, identified as Kenneth Parker, Marino's best friend who disappeared on the same day, according to Pavlik.