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Deer Dines in Downstate Home

Animal jumped in one window, out another



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    Imagine waking up to find this guy in your house.

    Belleville resident Mark Page says it didn't take him long to decide not to mess with the uninvited guest he found in his kitchen this weekend.

    Page and his wife were sleeping early Saturday when the sound of breaking glass and -- was that hooves? -- woke them up.

    Page went downstairs to find a ten-to-twelve point buck in the kitchen with its head in the sink.

    He said he looked at the animal for "not even a fraction of a second" before turning tail and heading back upstairs. He told KSDK he "doesnt' mess with deers."

    The animal ate some dog food and left blood splatters on his walls before it broke through a living room window to get out. Page said the deer had initially jumped through a dining room window to get in to his home.

    The animal was injured, but police were unable to locate it.