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Daycare Punishment: Hot Sauce on The Tongue

28-year-old daycare worker fined, sentenced to probation and a bottle of Tobasco



    Daycare Punishment: Hot Sauce on The Tongue
    It was a hot case in downstate Harrisburg.

    Perhaps working with a roomful of little kids everyday is not the best choice for a woman who easily looses her temper and lacks a good portion of patience.

    Unfortunately, a 28-year-old downstate woman apparently didn't consider those things when she took a job at a Harrisburg daycare center.

    Christi Baileyput hot sauce on the tongues of young children she wanted to discipline -- at least four children in a four month period at the Little Angels Learning Center, prosecutors say.

    Bailey was sentenced Friday to spend a year on probation and pay a $1,000 fine as part of a plea bargain in Saline County.

    Attorneys for the state dropped several of the original charges against Bailey, but their prosecution on one count of battery accusing her of dragging a child by his arm was enough to convince the court of the worker's guilt.

    Authorities said the woman also grabbed a child and slammed her into a chair, and dragged a child into the daycare's office while squeezing his arm.