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Dawson Accused of Dropping the Ball on Burials

Baseball legend's funeral home refused to honor contracts, says lawsuit



    Dawson Accused of Dropping the Ball on Burials
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    Andre Dawson, former Cub, now funeral home owner, is accused of not burying his clients.

    Back in the day, Andre "The Hawk" Dawson helped the Cubs bury the competition. But now he's accused of not burying his clients.

    Dawson and his brother, co-owners of a funeral home (Seriously?) in north Miami-Dade, are being sued by a local nonprofit that cares for poor and disabled adults, reports the Miami Herald.

    According to the lawsuit, the baseball legend's family refused to provide prepaid burials for two of the organization's deceased clients.

    As a result, one man's corpse sat around for three weeks, with nowhere to go.

    Ewwwwww. Yuck.

    The Guardianship Program of Dade County is responsible for poor, elderly, or mentally disabled adults ruled "incapacitated" by state courts, providing 24-hour medical care, according to the Miami Herald.

    They said they bought seven prepaid funerals for seven of their living wards, but Dawson and his brother have refused to bury the two clients who have died so far.

    Would the brothers accept the clients if they were from Montreal?

    Dawson's brother, Vincent Brown, said the contracts made by the funeral home's previous owner were illegal.

    "We are victims and just as innocent," Brown said, reports the Miami Herald.

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