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Dart Re-ups



    Dart Re-ups
    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced his reelection bid today.

    Sheriff Tom Dart, one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, hero of the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal and scourge of Craiglist johns, will seek reelection as Cook County Sheriff.

    Dart, who was mentioned as a possible senate and Cook County Board President candidate as recently as August, is content to remain in local law enforcement.

    "Tom Dart loves having a job that I truly enjoy and which allows me to see my family each night,” he wrote on his Facebook page.  “Hoping voters will elect me to another term as Cook County Sheriff in 2010. More to come later today, but thanks for all of your words of encouragement as I've made this decision!"

    In a press release, Dart said he would like to use his second term to improve eviction procedures, expand the county vice unit and build upon the success of the county’s first Animal Crimes Unit.

    Dart pointed out in the release that he fulfilled a number of campaign promises he talked about in 2006.

    "Three years ago, the people of Cook County entrusted me to run this department as openly, honestly and transparently as possible," Dart said in a press release. "From our jail to our courts to our police department, we have transformed the way people think of law enforcement and government. I am now asking the voters of Cook County for the honor and privilege of serving another term."