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Danny Davis to Run For Board President

Aims to improve heatlh care and cut taxes.



    Danny Davis to Run For Board President
    Congressman Davis
    Danny K. Davis could run the Cook County Board soon.

    Congressman Danny K. Davis (7th District) plans on ditching his role in federal government and jumping into local politics.

    Davis announced at his birthday party Sunday night that he would join the race to replace Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, ABC News reports. The field already includes some of Chicago’s political up-and-comers including Alderman Tony Preckwinkle, Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

    Davis has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 1997.

    Earlier this year the congressman had hinted that he would run for his House seat one more time. He collected petition signatures for his seventh term, but he also circulated petitions for the board president job. He could only run for one office and he’s apparently selected Cook County Board President.

    Davis said as board president he will improve the standard of care in county health facilities, streamline county operations and cut taxes.

    The county tax situation is a tricky topic. Recently the board failed cut the county tax rate – the highest in the nation at 10.25 percent – when it came one vote short of overturning a Stroger veto.

    “Taxpayers in Cook County are leery of paying the highest sales tax in the nation, and they want to know where their money is going," he told ABC. But the congressman stopped short of saying whether he would have supported the veto vote.