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Non-Union Workers Get 24 Days Off Without Pay: Daley



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    Daley will ask non-union city workers to take 24 days off without pay in 2010.

    In an effort to cut costs next year, Mayor Daley said today he will order non-union employees to take 24 days off without pay next year.

    He also won't give them cost-of-living raises.

    "That’s a lot of time," Daley said. "I want to remind everyone that taking these unpaid days off starts with me. I would never ask anyone to do something I wasn't willing to do first."

    Except you get paid just an eentsy bit more, Big D.

    Daley also plans to save $18 million by not filling 220 vacant positions.

    Other management changes announced:

    • Responsibilities of the Streets & Sanitation's Bureau of Electricity will be split among several departments.  Street and traffic repair will move to the Department of Transportation.  Electrical maintenance responsibilities in city facilities will move to the Department of General Services.  All electrical work at Midway and O'Hare airports will be moved to the Department of Aviation.  The moves leave Streets and Sanitation to focus on its core services: garbage collection, street cleaning and snow removal.
    • Monitoring of the city's minority and women-owned business program will shift from the Department of Procurement Services to the Office of Compliance.
    • Responsibility of installation and maintenance of red light cameras will be transferred to the Department of Transportation from the
    • Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
    • Job training efforts will move from the Department of Community Development to the Department of Family and Support Services.
    • Water management billing will be transferred to the Department of Revenue.  

    The cuts are part of Daley's budget proposal, which will be introduced to the City Council on Wednesday.

    "Though we are very cautious and hopeful that some revenues will begin to recover, we cannot expect revenues to rebound to 2007 levels for a few years.  In the meantime, we must remain creative, we must deliver on our commitment to better management in government and to do more with less,"  he said.