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Brooks' Sexual Harassment Charges Ain't Funny: Daley

Daley also takes aim at Pat Quinn's budget



    Brooks' Sexual Harassment Charges Ain't Funny: Daley
    Chicago Fire Commissioner John Brooks

    Fire Commissioner John Brooks shrugged off sexual harassment charges last week by saying "I don't have to proposition women, they proposition me. I'm blessed that way."

    He may have been joking.

    Apparently Mayor Daley didn't find it funny.

    "He stepped aside because of serious allegations, very serious allegations," Daley said at a morning press conference Tuesday. 

    A payroll auditor in the department accused Brooks of threatening to lay her off when she refused his sexual advances.

    Deidre Green charges that Brooks told her he "desired her in a sexual manner" and wanted to see her breasts.

    Brooks said Friday that he will step aside until an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against him is completed.

    The fire commissioner denies any wrongdoing, but said he understands the seriousness of the allegation and the need to immediately address it.

    Daley said an outside investigator on this case will be announced soon.

    Meanwhile, Daley took aim at Governor Pat Quinn's budget. 

    The mayor said while he supports the governor in his bid for reelection, he's not so jazzed about his plan to rescue the state's finances because it leans too heavily on Chicago

    "We want the state to sacrifice first," Daley said, referring to his call for furlough days and other budget cuts for state employees.

    Daley was speaking at a press conference to announce 100 summer jobs for teens at the Gary Comer Youth Center on Chicago's South Side.

    Deadline to file for one of city sponsored youth jobs is June 4. Apply at Businesses can also sponsor a teen by visiting the website.