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Daley May Farm Out Snow Removal



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    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    Snow is a big deal in Chicago.

    So when Mayor Daley’s aides started calling aldermen yesterday to let them know the city would be accepting bids from private contractors to remove snow from side streets the people rejoiced.

    Last year snow removal turned into a big mess. The job was the sole responsibility of the city’s unionized truck drivers and they not only cashed in big time with overtime, they also took their sweet time clearing the side streets.

    Daley knows the political implications of snow removal in Chicago. In 1979, Jane Byrne campaigned on the issue and won the Chicago mayoral election.

    The Daley administration, however, is only accepting bids. So nothing is happening yet.

    And that’s ok, because, who wants to think about snow right now?