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Daley Down On "Snowmaggedon"

Rips weather hysteria



    Daley Down On "Snowmaggedon"
    NBC's Snowmageddon '09.

    Mayor Daley's record as a media critic ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, but this one he's got right:

    “I know we have 24-hour weather stations. But, every year we get snowstorms. It snows in Chicago during the winter. It gets icy and we get cold weather. We’ve all lived here.”

    Daley was criticizing the media's penchant for weather hysteria.

    Though the Sun-Times reported his target as the Internet, it sounds more like he's talking about cable-TV. Where else do you find 24-hour weather stations?

    But let's face it, broadcast TV has long been in the weather hysteria business. We're guilty! 

    After all, who else brought you Snowmageddon '09, a follow-up to last year's Snowpocalypse 08? 

    Maybe this is what the mayor was talking about.