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Daley Debuts New $1.8 Million Web Site

No link to shadow budget



    Daley Debuts New $1.8 Million Web Site
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    It should be fully profitized because then you can run the cost down.


    The City of Chicago has a brand new YouTubing, Facebooking, Twittering destination meant to serve everyone’s governmental needs.
    Mayor Daley’s office Friday unveiled an overhauled web site, cityofchicago.org.
    The $1.8 million revamp streamlined the site to make it more “people centric,” and has options to pay bills online, apply for city licenses, sign up for email alerts and the like.
    It looks like they’ve taken a hint from the White House, which overhauled its site when Obama landed in Washington, because there is a bevy of social media elements on the site, including easy links to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
    There’s also Wi-Fi hot-spot locator which allows users to search out easy computing destinations.
    City business is also supposedly easier to find. The web site has links to new legislation and the budget.

    Still no link to the city’s shadow budget and links to TIF fund districts are difficult to navigate and don't all work properly (not surprising), but that's ok becasue there are these fun facts about the city to distract users.