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"D" Is for Daley

Bright spot: "B" for the environment



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    Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    Richard Daley has some studying to do.

    A coalition of civic groups has given the mayor a “D” as in dog for his poor job performance, according to the Sun-Times.

    "It was really about equity. The city is working for some, but not everybody," said Developing Government Accountability to the People (DGAP) director Brian Gladstein to the paper.

    DGAP teamed with the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, the Pilsen Alliance and the Coalition to Protect Public Housing to grade the mayor in seven different categories.

    The mayor’s press secretary Jacqueline Heard said the grades aren’t exactly fair.

    "The mayor welcomes feedback from constituents. But, it strikes me as odd that he gets an 'F' in the area of housing just hours after announcing the 300th public housing resident to buy a new home with help from the city," she said.