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Cupcakes on the Go

The owner says old ice cream truck sparked mobile bakery idea



    Cupcakes on the Go
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    Sweet childhood memories inspired Tiffany Kurtz and her husband, Chris Sewell, to start a mouth-watering mobile business.

    The couple dreamed up Flirty Cupcakes on Wheels after seeing a run down ice-cream truck like the kind that used to roam her neighborhood, the Sun-Times reports.

    "It took me back to the time of running into the house to get money from my mother to buy ice cream from the truck,"  Kurtz said to the paper.  "I really wouldn't chase after ice cream now. But I would chase after cupcakes."

    The mobile bakery hit the road last week selling cupcakes around the Loop, festivals and nighttime hot spots, the Sun-Times reports.

    Already a growing fan base of cupcake-cravers is chasing the truck down for gourmet treats.

    The menu includes cupcakes named after pop icons, including the McDreamy, a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese and chocolate frosting and the Curious George, a banana-chocolate cupcake topped with salted caramel butter cream frosting.

    Sweet lovers can track the mobile bakery on Twitter, where its Monday schedule includes a lunchtime stop at the Willis Tower.


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