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Cullerton's a Repeat Offender

Two prior DUI arrests and a speeding ticket among 8 offenses



    Cullerton's a Repeat Offender
    Garritt Cullerton posted this self-portrait on his Facebook page.

    Garritt Cullerton, son of Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, isn’t new to handcuffs.

    The 26-year-old who was cited for DUI while driving his father’s state-owned Ford Escape SUV has been pulled over eight times since 2001, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Among the infractions he’s racked up is a speeding ticket for going 115 mph in a 65 mph zone and two previous DUIs.

    Some of his previous arrests came as he was driving his father’s state issued vehicle, the Tribune reports, citing court records.

    State Sen. Murphy: Cullerton DUI "Fuels the Lack of Credibility"

    [CHI] State Sen. Murphy: Cullerton DUI "Fuels the Lack of Credibility"
    State Sen. Matt Murphy said Monday that situations such as Senate President John Cullerton's son getting a DUI in a state-owned vehicle makes the public suspicious of state tax increases.
    (Published Tuesday, April 20, 2010)

    Cullerton was not convicted in the previous DUI cases, which came in 2004 and 2008. Instead he pleaded to lesser traffic offenses.

    John Cullerton told the Tribune that he never intervened in his son’s legal affairs and expressed concern for his son’s wild ways.

    "My wife and I and family are very concerned about our son," John Cullerton told the paper. "We want to make sure that we help him in any way we can. So it's a close family, and we're going to try to do anything we can to help him."

    The senate president said that following his son’s recent “unauthorized” use of his vehicle he would move it from his home to his downtown office.