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Cubs, White Sox Facebook Pages Hacked

Other teams hit by the hacker include the Giants, Marlins, Padres and Nationals



    Cubs, White Sox Facebook Pages Hacked

    Someone has been busy hacking the Facebook pages of Major League Baseball teams across the nation, including those of Chicago's Cubs and White Sox and the New York Yankees.

    The Facebook page of the Chicago Cubs was hacked Thursday afternoon, Cubs officials confirmed to NBCChicago.

    A derogatory message to actor Bill Murray, a known Cubs fan, was immediately deleted.

    The hackers made their way across a number of other MLB Facebook pages as well.  The White Sox Facebook page received a post that endorsed Mitt Romney for president even though President Obama is a "die hard ChiSox Fan," Deadspin reports.

    Other pages to get the hack?

    The New York Yankees page got a post about a Derek Jeter sex change, the San Francisco Giants expressed a negative opinion of "the Chick-Fil-A guy," the Miami Marlins decided to give fans free pitbulls, the San Diego Padres posted about handicapped fans and the Washington Nationals announced their intention to go back to Montreal, according to Deadspin.

    The League is looking into the multiple-hacking incident, Cubs officials told NBC Chicago.

    In an apology post on their Facebook page the Cubs said, "Our Facebook account was hacked moments ago and an inappropriate message was posted on this page. We apologize if you viewed this message. The team and league are looking into this false post in cooperation with Facebook." 

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