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Cubs Legend Finds Way onto Bartender's Back

"Tramp stamp" says it all



    Cubs Legend Finds Way onto Bartender's Back
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    Former Cubs player Mark Grace left his mark on one of his female fans... permanently.

    Some people keep a little black book. But one St Louis bartender keeps her booty call list a bit closer to her heart.

    And to her booty.

    According to, one of the blog's readers from the St. Louis area sent an e-mail describing the claims of one bragging bartender. This particularly attractive female barkeep alleged that she had been Cubs legend Mark Grace's personal welcome committee (if you get the drift) any time he came into town.

    Every fisherman has their "One That Got Away" story, and many people have a suspicious celebrity-encounter tale. So why should we believe this tale? Where's the proof?

    It turns out the evidence is on the bartender's back. Commonly known as a "tramp stamp," the woman's tattoo bears the name "Grace" in delicate, cursive letters.

    "She said that she wants every guy who 'does her from the back' to know who she really belongs to, Mark Grace," said the blog's reader.

    Now, the tattoo is certainly a step in the right direction. Impressive, but not definitive. Maybe her name is Grace. Maybe she thinks she is a graceful and elegant person. (Though we're not sure how tactful it is to go around announcing your bedmates.)

    Obviously, more proof is necessary.

    The story eventually got around to Mark Grace's agent, Barry Axelrod, who wrote this in response:

    Just had a late lunch with Gracie and brought a print out of the narrative with me. I told him that he had been subject of an email chain and I was going to read it to him. As soon as I got to the part mentioning the (bar name redacted), he just smiled and said, "Oh, yeah. The tatoo (sic)" I didn't even get to the meat of it.

    He asked me where this came from and I gave him the whole chain and all he wanted was for me to be sure to let you guys know that he does not recall asking her to marry him ...  but upon further inquiry he admitted that he could have.

    While not exactly classy, it is refreshing to hear someone who owns up to his dirty deeds. Considering how often baseball players are on the road though, we have to wonder how many other tattoos Grace is responsible for.

    Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, has no claims to fame.