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Study Shows Criminals Targeting CTA Riders

A recent study found 18,000 crimes were reported on the CTA since 2009



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    A recent study shows criminal activity clustering on the CTA.

    Public transportation appears to be a hotspot for Chicago crime.

    More than 18,000 crimes were reported since 2009 on the CTA alone, according to a study by the Chicago Tribune.

    The study showed CTA railways experienced the majority of crime and riders on the Red, Blue and Green lines experienced the most offenses.The Roosevelt Station was dubbed with the most criminal activity at 217 crimes since January 2009. Shortly behind it was the Dan Ryan Red Line stop at 199 crimes.

    The results of this study come as no shock after the mob attack that occurred near the Red Line Station on State and Lake and recent iPhone robbery that injured four guardian angels.

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    Despite the 3,943 crimes that occurred on the railway, the study indicated more violent crimes were experienced on the CTA bus system.

    Robbery and battery were most prevalent on the city’s South and West side. Theft, though the lesser of the three crimes, appeared most prominently in the city’s north lake shore and downtown.

    In 2010, the CTA increased security and installed cameras in response to the record high crime levels experienced during the year. They attribute much of the current crime rates to small electronic devices such as iPhones and iPods.

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    To protect yourself, the agency recommended riders avoid sitting by the doors, where a thief can make a quick escape, and remain situationally-aware.