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Craigslist Dumps Erotic Ads

Madigan, AGs' request granted after murder



    Craigslist Dumps Erotic Ads
    Ads like this will no longer be posted on Craigslist.

    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has gotten her Craigslist wish. The popular online classified site is reportedly getting rid of its "erotic services" and will create new adult category.

    Calling Craigslist's erotic services page "nothing more than an Internet brothel," Madigan said Wednesday that the existing ads on that section of Craigslist will expire in seven days.  Ads in the new adult category will be moderated and approved by Craigslist staff before they are posted to make sure they meet the site's terms of service.  There will also be a $10 fee to post in the adult section and a $5 renewal fee.

    Craigslist came under renewed pressure to remove the ads after a medical student in Boston was charged with the April killing of a masseuse he met on the site's erotic services section.  The site defended itself over reports about the connection.

    "Completely contrary to some of the sensationalistic journalism we've seen these past few weeks, the record is clear that use of Craigslist classifieds is associated with far lower rates of violent crime than print classifieds, let alone rates of violent crime pertaining to American society as a whole," spokeswoman Susan McTavish Best said in a statement to NBC.

    Erotic Craigslist Section Changes

    [CHI] Erotic Craigslist Section Changes
    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says Craigslist is changing its "erotic services" ads to a new adult category, where staff will review ads before posting.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    "We are optimistic that the new balance struck today will be an acceptable compromise," she said.

    Madigan and the attorneys general for Connecticut and Missouri met with Craigslist officials last week over thinly veiled ads for prostitution on the site, and Wednesday they all seemed optimistic.

    "We're very encouraged that Craigslist is doing the right thing in eliminating its online red light district with prostitution and pornography in plain sight. We'll be watching and investigating critically to make sure this measure is more than just a name change," said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.
    "This is a good next step but by no means is it the ultimate or complete solution," he said.

    Dart: If Craigslist Behaves, We'll Dismiss Lawsuit

    [CHI] Dart: If Craigslist Behaves, We'll Dismiss Lawsuit
    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart believes "Craigslist has seen the light" over prostitution ads on its erotic services section, but he remains cautiously optimistic.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    In a letter sent to Craigslist last month, Madigan called the erotic services section of the site "rampant prostitution and exploitation of women. "  

    "While there has been an approximately 40 percent decrease in daily postings, more than 400 ads are posted daily in Chicago alone," the letter stated, "and the vast majority of ads blatantly violate even the most basic terms of use."

    Madigan contended that Craigslist didn't follow a 2008 agreement with 43 attorneys general to screen for language and images that violated the companies terms of use.

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said he'd be willing to dismiss a lawsuit against Craigslist over the prostitution ads if they truly clean up their act.