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Corvette Skids into Woodridge Swimming Pool

The Office of Emergency Management issued a warning about colder temps to come



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    Roger Knott
    A corvette skidded into a backyard swimming pool in Woodridge after apparently hitting a patch of ice.

    If slipping and sliding seems par for your course around Chicago this week, you're not alone.

    Just ask the driver of a corvette that took a dip in a Woodridge residential swimming pool this morning. The car apparently hit a patch of ice and landed in the pool.

    Neighbor Roger Knott woke up to the commotion across the street.

    "I was working last night and was sleeping so I didn't really hear anything until I noticed all the emergency vehicles outside."

    Woodridge police said the driver wasn't hurt, though the car had to be yanked out of the pool by heavy machinery. 

    The incident highlights the dangers of inclement weather.

    The Office of Emergency Management today issued a warning urging residents to take care and prepare for colder temperatures that could bring more ice.

    Wind chills are expected to dip 20 below zero degrees by Friday morning.