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Cops Shut Down Huge FB-Promoted Party

About 1,000 teens showed up to the warehouse dance party, six were arrested



    Cops Shut Down Huge FB-Promoted Party
    Ryan Levin

    North Shore teens can really party.

    Nearly 1,000 teenagers showed up Saturday to dance at DJ Ryan Levin's weekend warehouse party before police were forced to shut it down, the Sun-Times reports.

    Police stopped the party after a concerned parent called about the number of people attending. Levin said he provided security and encouraged adult supervision, but police took six teens into custody who allegedly consumed alcohol. Police found no evidence of alcohol or drugs inside the party, though.

    Around 800 teens, ranging from 14 to 18 years old, packed the inside of the Warehouse Gym and Boxing Club, and about 150 stood outside waiting for access. Teens were charged $20 at the door, and only bottled water was sold inside.
    Levin organized the event with the help of two Highland Park families and three teens who promoted it through Facebook and at school. Levin believes the Facebook promotion caused the immense turnout.

    The weekend teen dance parties began last year and expanded from backyard parties into full events after teens began showing up in droves. Levin rented out the Warehouse Gym and Boxing Club because of the large capacity. Fire and Community Development departments are investigating to see if any building codes or restrictions were violated.

    Despite shutting down this party, Levin plans to go ahead with another party this weekend at the Warehouse Gym.