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Tinley Park Manhunt Ends; Investigation Continues

Two suspects in custody



    Tinley Park Manhunt Ends; Investigation Continues

    With two already in custody and the belief that others responsible for an early-morning home invasion and attack in Tinley Park had fled the immediate area, police called off their manhunt but said the investigation into the crime is ongoing.

    As many as six men broke into a home in the 9100 block of Basswood Drive at about 4 a.m. in an apparent robbery, police said. 

    Two people were arrested by fast-responding officers who were called to the home after the teen son of Abbas Darwish dialed 911 to report a man with a gun was in the living room.

    Through the windows, officers said they could see someone beating Darwish when they arrived.

    Darwish suffered a broken nose, broken ribs and a punctured lung in the beating, said Fadi Rafati, the family's lawyer and a nephew.  Darwish was hospitalized in fair condition.

    His wife was also hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.  The children were not injured.

    The attackers, described as African Americans with medium builds and short dark hair, then broke through windows and doors to escape, Police Cmdr. Rick Bruno said.

    Police managed to catch one person who was trying to get into a car parked nearby. Another was caught nearly two hours later at 183rd Street and Lenore Lane

    The hunt for the remaining attackers brought out helicopters, canine units and SWAT and SERT teams.

    Darwish owns a convenience store in Morgan Park and family members say that may be the reason he was targeted. 

    "My uncle, he was a really, really good guy, and he helped everyone, and she was nice as well, so I don't know who would do this to them," said Darwish's neice, Olla Rafati.

    The search for the remaining four men was called off by noon, with police saying they suspected the remaining attackers were no longer in the area. 

    Still, neighbors said they're going to remain on alert until the case is brought to a close.

    "[The neighborhood is] very quiet, very close-knit.  All of the kids and parents are very close, so we were all very concerned when we saw the officers outside this morning," said Patrick Gentles.  "When you see that yellow tape, it's never a good sign."