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Grocery Mishap Turns into Sex Offender Bust

Out-of-state sex offender caught in Chicago



    Grocery Mishap Turns into Sex Offender Bust
    Yamini Chao
    Shoppers in Connecticut will soon have one less supermarket chain to choose from.

    Awww, how cute. Police met a kind but confused elderly gentleman at a Near North Side grocery store and helped him carry his bags back home.

    And then they found out he was a convict on the run.

    Maurice Kuit, 67, had nearly walked out of the Jewel-Osco (1210 N Clark St) on Saturday night without paying for his items when he was approached by police and store employees, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Kuit explained that he had been confused by the self-checkout machine and that he hadn't meant to steal the groceries, Near North District Officer John Williamson said.

    The old man was so charming and convincing, the store employees agreed not to press charges, according to Chicago Breaking News. Officer Williamson decided to help Kuit to his home about five blocks away.

    "He actually made me believe he was ill in some capacity," Williamson said.

    Concerned for his safety, Williamson talked to building staff and inquired about Kuit's emergency contact information. It was then that he learned that Kuit had previously lived in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle where there was a warrant for his arrest.

    It turns out the sweet, clumsy elderly man had been convicted of voyeurism in 2003 and failed to register as a sex offender, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Apparently, he's been checking out more than groceries.

    Police promptly arrested Kuit, who also had prior convictions for assault.

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