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Cops Catch Flak For G20 Conduct

He strenuously objected to being in the photograph



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    Can't take these guys anywhere.

    A pair of high-ranking Chicago cops received a reprimand from the department after they were spotted on tape humiliating a University of Pittsburgh student.

    Chicago Cops in Pittsburgh

    A video that circulated after the annual financial event shows a contingent of CPD officers, who were freelancing at the often rowdy event, allegedly forcing a college student in Pittsburgh to kneel for a photo after they arrested him for failure to disperse.
    Reprimands were issued to a department chief as well as a commander, spokesman Roderick Drew said. Police wouldn't release their names.

    Pitt student Kyle Kramer felt demeaned by the ordeal, according to his lawyer.

    "He strenuously objected to being in the photograph," lawyer Cris Hoel said.

    Hoel said Kramer was returning to campus from a pizza parlor when police who were rounding up protesters detained him.