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Cops Alerted to Email Between Peterson Attorneys

Former lead attorney Joel Brodsky claims Steve Greenberg threatened him in an email



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    Drew Peterson's defense team before Joel Brodsky stepped down. (In front, from left to right: Joe Lopez, Brodsky and Steve Greenberg.)

    The fighting between Drew Peterson's attorneys continues to escalate.

    His former lead attorney Joel Brodsky alerted police earlier in the week to an email from current attorney Steve Greenberg allegedly threatening him, according to a Chicago Tribune report. A copy of the email was provided to the Tribune and excerpts were published Saturday morning.

    The two defense lawyers have engaged in a war of words since Peterson was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2004 drowning death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. It's been a battle that has made headlines in local media.

    On Monday, Brodsky filed a motion asking to withdraw as Peterson's defense attorney in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Savio's family, Tribune reported. In the motion, he called Greenberg "mentally ill."

    Greenberg then emailed Brodsky asking him to withdraw the motion, the report stated.

    Last week Peterson's current legal team filed a court memo seeking a new trial because of "ineffective counsel" and a conflict of interest. The memo claimed Brodsky thought Peterson was his ticket to the legal elite, and accused him of calling the Today Show green room to solicit Peterson for the job.

    Brodsky left the defense team in October.