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Cop Shoots Attacking Dog During Arrest

Police say robbery suspect unleashed dog on officer



    Cop Shoots Attacking Dog During Arrest
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    Six men were arrested Tuesday after allegedly robbing a pizza deliveryman and later ordering a dog to attack a police officer.

    Police say the men, aged 15-20, had robbed a Pizza Hut delivery driver of several pizza and cash Tuesday night, and were later found in the 7600 block of South Coles Avenue, according to the Chicago Tribune. One of the men allegedly ordered the dog to attack the officer.

    The officer shot the dog, but it's expected to survive, the newspaper reported. Police say the suspects ordered the pizza in order to lure the deliveryman to the scene.

    It's the second time over the past few days that a Chicago Police officer has shot a dog while on duty. An Uptown couple filed a lawsuit Tuesday after an officer shot their bull terrier after it approached him while he was writing a parking ticket.

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    Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told NBC 5 that the most recent incident is just one example of the danger officers encounter every day on the job.

    "This happens frequently in the city. I have to tell you that the officer doesn't have to wait to get injured, just like we don't have to wait to get shot before we shoot somebody. If that' officer feels he's in danger, he has every right to use that force," McCarthy said.

    Charges are pending against the suspects.

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