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Controversial Billboard Set For Chicago Debut



    Controversial Billboard Set For Chicago Debut
    This SnoreStop billboard is headed for River North this week.

    A controversial billboard that caused a stir in Los Angeles and was denied in New York will pop up in Chicago this week.

    The ad, featuring an enlisted American soldier and a Muslim woman in a loving embrace, is designed to showcase a throat spray to reduce snoring.

    The billboard will go up near the intersection of LaSalle Street and Hubbard Street on Wednesday.

    SnoreStop, a California-based company, claims the ad is part of a larger campaign for the product and is intended to portray the message, “if we can keep this couple together, we can keep anyone together.”

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    But the ad proved controversial in Los Angeles, with several people taking to the company's Facebook page to voice opposition to the imagry. Others applauded the company for the billboard's diversity and inclusiveness.

    SnoreStop reps told DNAinfo New York that media company Clear Channel refused to erect the billboard in Times Square, citing its “sensitive nature” and ”uncomfortable imagery.”

    Company officials say a real couple inspired the billboard portrait.

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    SnoreStop employee Christian de Rivel said he does not want to run from controversy.

    “Snoring is an equal opportunity offender, SnoreStop is the equal opportunity provider,” he said. “There is no nudity or bigotry or hostility in our #betogether campaign. In fact, we are specifically and aggressively promoting diversity, equality and harmony.”

    The company says they plan to erect even more billboards throughout the country.