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Topinka Launches 'Critter' Pet Project

Judy Baar Topinka's newest program, Comptroller's Critters, hopes to pair stray pets with owners throughout the state



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    Are you looking for the perfect pet? Well look no further. Judy Baar Topinka is here to help.

    The Illinois Comptroller's new project, Comptroller's Critters, is aimed at pairing potential pet owners with stray pets found in shelters across the state.

    As part of the program, Topinka's comptroller website will link to participating shelters and short bios of the pets that need homes. Sixteen shelters are currently listed on the site, and more than 50 have signed up for the program.

    Topinka is a known animal lover and an avid proponent of pet adoption, with three adopted dogs of her own. “PAWS and other adoption centers give these animals a chance that they would not have otherwise,” she said in a statement.

    As the chief fiscal officer of the state of Illinois, pet adoption may seem like an unlikely cause for Topinka, but she says it's serving more than her animal lover instincts.

    "By bringing adoptable dogs and cats together with families that want them, we will save in the long-run on overpopulation and animal control costs,” she said.