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Clout Is Out At U of I

School says admisstion "based on merit only"



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    Clout lists uncovered at the University of Illinois contain a who's who of state influencers.

    The University of Illinois is making a change. Who you know will no longer be a factor for admissions.

    After an embarrassing report in last week in the Chicago Tribune, President Joseph White says they are getting rid of what the school called the "Category I List." It was referred to in the papers as more of a clout list.

    "To the extent we had instances of admissions officers or others experiencing and succumbing to inappropriate pressure for admission of less-qualified over more-qualified candidates, this is a problem that we can and will correct, White said. "I'm putting out a communication today (Friday) to the university community that makes it crystal clear that admissions are to be based on merit only and that our people are not to succumb to pressure to admit."

    After reviewing 1,800 pages of emails and documents, the Tribune has also uncovered which politicians allegedly took advantage of the system and how campus lobbyists were given access to the school's admissions records.