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Clinton: "I Created Rahm...Sorry"

Clinton filled in at the Gridiron Dinner



    Clinton: "I Created Rahm...Sorry"
    A book due out next week will fill in a lot of details about what went on in the Bill Clinton White House.

    Bill Clinton rarely apologized for any mistakes he made during his presidency.

    That changed Saturday night when Clinton took responsibility for unleashing Rahm Emanuel on the country, the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet reports.

    "I found Rahm. I created Rahm. I made him the man he is today. I am so sorry," Clinton said while slinging jokes at the Gridiron Club and Foundation annual spring dinner where he filled in as emcee for President Obama.

    Emanuel served in Clinton’s White House as a Senior Adviser to the president, which is where he earned the nickname Rahmbo.

    He once allegedly sent a dead fish in a box to a pollster who was late delivering results. At a celebratory dinner after Clinton won a second term in 1996, Emanuel reportedly stood up, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off names of people that “betrayed” shouting dead, dead, dead and slamming the steak knife with each reading.

    Emanuel, who didn’t attend Saturday's Gridiron Dinner dinner because he was at his son’s Bar Mitzvah, is known to have good sense of humor so he likely took the jokes in stride -- as did other politicos

    Plus, he’s probably in a pretty good mood Monday because health care passed Congress on Sunday and, as the logic goes, that means Emanuel is a genius.