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Click to Contest a Toll Violation

The Process of Contesting a Missed Toll Just Got Easier



    Roughly two-thousand drivers every month contact the Illinois Tollway Authority with a problem:  they've been notified they missed a toll, yet they are no longer driving that particular vehicle.  Often the vehicle has been sold, and the new owner has not re-registered it.  Sometimes the offending vehicle had been stolen, or repossessed.  Other times a replacement transponder malfunctions.

    Previously, drivers had two options:  they would need to spend time on the phone with the Tollway Authority, or visit a Customer Service Center in person to make their argument.  That has changed now, with the Tollway adding an online service to its website, to help streamline the process.

    Now, commuters can go online and download a form to contest violations.  That form is called an "Affidavit of Nonliability."  That form, along with copies of any documentation proving the drivers' case must be mailed to the Tollway for review (the address is on the affidavit).  Of course this still requires a stamp, and some time, but Exec. Dir. Kristi Lafleur said in a news release that she wants to give customers "the ability to make their case... as quickly and as effortlessly as possible."