Committee Approves $3M For Family of Man Shot In Face - NBC Chicago

Committee Approves $3M For Family of Man Shot In Face

A judge in the case recommended $4 to $6 million for the family



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    The family of an unarmed man killed in 2003 by Chicago Police got a little closer to justice on Friday in the form of $3 million.

    The City Council’s Finance Committee approved the $3 million settlement for the family of Michael Pleasance. It goes to the full council next week for approval. 

    The 23-year-old bystander was shot while police tried to break up a fight on a Chicago Transit Authority platform at the Red Line's 95th Street station.

    Police initially said Plesance tried to take the officer's gun but changed their story when surveillance video of the incident was released.

    The video that eventually went viral on YouTube shows Pleasance watching the fight when Officer Alvin Weems pointed the gun at him and shot him in the face.

    Corporation Counsel Mara Georges said Friday the judge presiding over the case recommended $4 to $6 million for the family.

    In response to questions from Ald. Freddrenna Lyle about Officer Weems, Georges replied, "He received a 30-day suspension."

    Lyle noted Weems is now a detective and asked, "so he shoots somebody, gets 30 days and gets a promotion?"

    "It appears that way," Georges replied.