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Olympic CTA Bus Ads Anger Citizens

The ads feature former Olympians like Donna de Varona



    Olympic CTA Bus Ads Anger Citizens

    The Olympic 2016 folks are running new pro-Olympics ads on city buses, and some citizens are none too pleased.

    The ads, which feature former Olympians such as Donna de Varona, ask Chicagoans to support the city's effort to bring the Olympics here. And they run in a continuous loop, 24/7.

    "They're not only cramming the bid down our throat, now they're stuffing it in our ears too," said one Chicagoan, who emailed in his displeasure.

    The ads include seven Olympians, including gymnast Bart Conner, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, swimmer Gary Hall Jr., track and field runner Connie Moore, swimmer De Varona, martial artist Arlene Limas and paralympian Paul Moran.

    Both Limas and Moran hail from Chicago.

    A Chicago 2016 spokesperson did not return calls for comment.

    But on the buses and online, locals are voicing their displeasure.

    "It's really annoying! Couldn't they just post signs?" writes one Twitter user. "I'm all for having it, but I don't want it shoved down my throat."

    "It is a nuisance to listen to and is distracting to the visually impaired," wrote a commenter on an anti-Olympics blog. "It is unfair to give this advantage to a single entity."

    To be fair, some locals say they don't mind the ads.

    "The Olympics ads are kind of cool," said one Twitter user.

    According to a CTA spokesperson, the ads will run through the day of the IOC's final decision on Friday, Oct. 2nd.