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Christmas Comes Early to Glenview

1000s of Christmas decorations adorn a Glenview home ... in September



    Christmas Comes Early to Glenview
    Chicago Sun-Times

    Forget Halloween and Thanksgiving. One Glenview family is skipping straight to Christmas!

    David and Carrie Sansing are a step ahead of the rest of us when it comes to decorating, reports the Sun-Times. They've already decked their front yard out with a 20-foot tall metallic Christmas tree and giant plastic figurines.

    Typically the decorating begins in November, but the Glenview couple brought out their more than 1,000 props early as 80 other extreme decorators from 18 states and England, came to their home for a three-day conference on holiday decorating.

    The Sansing's conference included lessons how to incorporate lighting, technology, and music into a display and even showcased how not to repeat the same display twice.

    Carrie Sansing, 54, admits "my neighbors know I'm a nut, but I'm not a lunatic -- it is only September."

    The added electricity used to power the display costs the family an extra $200 a month, but they say it's worth it.

    Carrie Sansing goes on to add:

    "I do it for my mother, in memory of my parents. I learned the love of Christmas from my mother, driving around and looking at decorations. And that's what I'm trying to do, give people memories. If I can make a few people smile every season, it's worth it."