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Highest-Taxed Homes: Sheridan Road, Baby



    Highest-Taxed Homes: Sheridan Road, Baby
    Money, money, money, money.

    Oh, the tax of my tears.

    You might get sweeping lake vistas, dual kitchens and heated driveways, but you'll also be the recipient of a huge tax bill, according to Cook County tax records reported by the Sun-Times.

    According to the records, the highest taxed single-family home last year was in Winnetka on Sheridan, where the 14,280-square-foot behemoth -- valued at over $12.1 million -- accrued $308,443 in property taxes.

    The second highest-taxed home was also on Sheridan Road: a 9,134 square-foot home valued at $6.8 million received a $172,232 bill.

    The only home in Chicago proper to make the list was a 7,956 square-foot home on W. Superior Street, which is valued at $7.1 million and was taxed $163,532.

    Check out the full list at Sun-Times.com.