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Chicago Hunts for Free McDonald's Coffee

McDonald's uses social media for scavenger hunt



    Chicago Hunts for Free McDonald's Coffee
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    McDonald's brewed up a challenge for Chicago Tuesday.

    The Oak Brook based company is asking patrons to find the cup, and win free coffee.

    McDonald's launched a city-wide scavenger hunt this morning morning. Other cities around the country will participate, too. All told it's the first-ever nationwide scavenger hunt.

    Beginning at 7 a.m., McDonald's participants will look for one of three hidden giant McCafe coffee cups somewhere in the city. The company plans to hide another cup at noon and a third cup at 5 p.m.

    Throughout the day, McDonald's will give participants clues as to the cup's whereabouts through social media, @McD_ Chicago and on Facebook.

    The first person to locate a cup will be greeted by a McCafe Prize Official and win a year's worth of free McCafe beverages.